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Chungsen Leung, B.A., M.Sc., (Chinese: 梁中心) was first elected as the Member of Parliament (MP) representing Willowdale, Ontario, in 2011. Prime Minister Stephen Harper appointed Mr. Leung as the Parliamentary Secretary for Multiculturalism on May 25, 2011.
During the 41st Parliament Chungsen Leung sat on the Standing Committees for Citizenship and Immigration (CIMM), Official Languages (LANG) and the Library of Parliament (BILI), as well as on the Subcommittee on Agenda and Procedure on the Standing Committee for Citizenship and Immigration (SCIM). Chungsen Leung was a member of the Legislative Committee on Bill C-11, an Act to amend the Copyright Act (CC11). He is an active participant in many international parliamentary associations related to Canada’s foreign affairs and accompanied the Prime Minister on several international trade missions.
Chungsen Leung was on Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s team for the 2011 China Mission, the 2014 APEC Conference in China and the 2014 Free Trade Agreement Signing in South Korea (CKFTA). He also accompanied Prime Minister Stephen Harper on his State Visits to Israel and Jordan in 2013.
Chungsen Leung visited Guangzhou and Ulaanbaatar with His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston, during the Governor General’s State Visits to the People’s Republic of China and Mongolia. He was also a member of the Trade Missions with the Minister of International Trade, Ed Fast, to China, Israel, and South Korea.
Chungsen Leung was a member of the Canadian Delegation attending the Inauguration of Serzh Sargsyan, the President of the Republic of Armenia and Ma Ying-jeou, the President of the Republic of China (Taiwan).
Chungsen Leung is an experienced and successful businessman and entrepreneur. Prior to entering politics, he worked in the areas of: disaster mitigation management, urban mass transit, building of environmentally friendly houses, air and water purification, red deer farming and sports equipment retailing.
Chungsen Leung’s international business experience includes being a leader, organizer or member of several federal and provincial trade missions such as the Toronto-Chongqing Sister City Twinning Mission, the first Team Richmond Hill Mission to the Asia-Pacific, the Advisory Board for Ontario Export Inc., as well as leading the bid team to host the 1997 World Chinese Entrepreneur Convention in Toronto.
Chungsen Leung is an active community participant and his fluency in: Mandarin, Cantonese, Taiwanese, Japanese and English enables him to communicate effectively with Canada’s diverse population. Chungsen Leung enthusiastically encourages the people he meets to participate in not only the economic, but also the multicultural opportunities Canada has to offer. The diverse backgrounds and heritage each family brings to communities throughout Canada can enrich and stimulate the entire country from coast to coast to coast.
Chungsen Leung has many interests. He is a member of the Royal Canadian Legion North York Branch 66 Pipe Band. He was the Piper for The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Catherine’s 2011 visit to Canada, the Piper for the Speaker’s Robbie Burns Dinner for the past four years as well as the Piper at the 2015 National Prayer Breakfast.
Chungsen Leung is an avid cross country skier, a scuba instructor, an Eagle Scout and the Parliamentary Liaison to Scouts Canada.
Chungsen Leung received his Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Commerce from Carleton University in Ottawa and his Masters in Science (Engineering and Management) from the University of Southern California (USC). Chungsen Leung was born in Taiwan in 1950. He lived on Hounslow Ave in North York for more than two decades and currently resides in Richmond Hill, Ontario, with his wife, Deborah. They have an adult daughter.

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梁中心於2011年5月首次當選安省惠柳第 (Willowdale) 選區國會議員,隨後於5月25日獲總理哈珀委任為多元文化事務國會秘書。 在第41屆國會的立法工作當中,梁中心是公民及移民常務委員會、官方語言常務委員會以及國會圖書館聯合委員會的成員。此外,他也是公民及移民常務委員會屬下的議程和程序小組委員會,和C11版權法修訂法的法案委員會成員。 至於在國會的對外關係工作方面,梁中心也積極參與,是多個雙邊議會小組或協會的成員,包括加中、加日、加歐及加美議會小組等。他亦多次陪同總理哈珀出訪,參加多個國際貿易訪問團。 梁中心先後四次以國會議員身份訪問中國,包括分別於2011年和2014年,兩度加入總理哈珀訪華團,其中2014年是出席由北京主辦的亞太經濟合作組織會議 (APEC)。另外在2013年,則陪同總督約翰斯頓官式訪華,以及2011年隨同貿易部長法斯特訪問中國。於2014年1月,梁中心隨同總理訪問以色列和約旦,同年 3月,與總理一起前往南韓,見證加韓兩國簽署自由貿易協議。 梁中心以加拿大政府代表的身份,分別出席了台灣的馬英九總統,和亞美尼亞共和國薩爾基相總統的就職典禮。 梁中心是一位成功商人和經驗豐富的企業家。在參政之前,他的專業工作及生意範圍包括救災、城市鐡路運輸、環保房屋、空氣淨化及淨水、紅鹿養殖場以及運動器材零售等。 在國際貿易活動方面,梁中心是多個聯邦政府及省政府貿易代表團的領隊或成員,例如擔任安省出口公司的顧問團成員,參加多倫多與重慶締結姊妹市的訪華之旅,而烈治文山市第一隊亞太地區訪問團是由他帶領的。此外,他亦帶領多倫多華商,爭辦1997年的世界華商會議。 梁中心一向積極參與社會,並且有良好的溝通能力,能說流利的國語、粵語、閩南話、日語和英語,使他十分容易的與不同族裔背景的人士溝通。他每次與人接觸時,都會鼓勵對方不但只積極把握商機,亦應掌握加拿大多元文化所帶來的各種不同機會。他向所有人強調,加拿大每一個不同背景及族裔文化的家庭,都能使這個國家的面貌更豐富更活潑。 梁中心有很多興趣愛好,他是加拿大皇家軍團北約克第66分支的風笛隊成員。2011年英國劍橋公爵伉儷,即威廉王子及嘉芙蓮王妃訪問加拿大時,他是兩人的風笛手。在過去四年每年由國會議長主持的Robbie Burns Dinner,及2015年的全國祈禱早餐會,都是由他擔任風笛手。 在運動方面,梁中心熱愛越野滑雪,是一位潛水教練,年幼時是一位童軍,當選國會議員後擔任加拿大童軍協會的國會聯絡人。 梁中心畢業於渥太華的卡爾頓大學,獲得經濟及商科學士學位。及後在美國南加州大學 (USC) 獲得了工程管理碩士學位。 梁中心于1950年出生於台灣,在北約克的Hounslow Ave生活超過20年,現在與夫人Deborah在列治文山市居住。兩人有一位現已成年的女兒。  


Чангсенг Леунг

Чангсенг Леунг, B.A., M.Sc., (китайск. 梁中心) был впервые избран депутатом федерального парламента, представляющим Вилловдэйл (Онтарио) в 2011 г. 25 мая 2011 г. премьер-министр Стивен Харпер назначил г-на Леунга парламентским секретарем по мультикультурализму.   В составе 41-го Парламента Чангсенг Леунг входил в состав постоянно действующих комитетов по гражданству и иммиграции, официальным языкам и парламентской библиотеке, а […]


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